Fear: An Update

Remember this post? Man, I can be such a jerk when I’m afraid.

I went, I was scared, it was awesome packed with awesome covered with an awesome syrup. I met some great ladies, learned a lot, and set up my tent perfectly without assistance.

More specifics (and photos) later… I just wanted to share that I put aside my fear of doing something new all by myself, and it was an extremely positive experience.

(And for the record, I wasn’t even CLOSE to the youngest or least experienced person there!)

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Sunflower FAIL

Did you know that I’m going to be featuring the projects that I f**k up, in order to force myself to embrace failure as a means of learning, growing, and becoming a better person all-around? Okay, cool!

This blog post is about sunflowers. I planted them from seed and watched with giddy fascination as they sprouted into tiny stalks, grew into monster stalks, had to be staked, babied, watered, staked again, then grew to be over 6 ft tall (I’m pretty sure some got real close to the 8 ft mark) and sprouted their massive, bold yellow heads. Joy!

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Sunriver Trip

Here are a few photos from a trip we made to Sunriver, Oregon, last month.

Penelope and her “Sunriver toy”

Penlope is concerned.

We tried to take a picture of these deer and one decided to be crude.

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I have a problem with failure. I am not a great perfectionist (my husband can attest to this when it comes to baking, laundry, etc. I’m not a rules-oriented person!) but I do not like to lose. Upon failure, I often become angry with myself – “Why can’t you just DO it?” even when attempting brand new feats (i.e. hiking).

I know, it’s terrible, I’m working on it.

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This weekend I am going to the Washington Outdoor Women’s Fall Workshop. Alone. By the time WP publishes this post, I’ll likely be on the road, following a hand-drawn map to the campsite where I will meet loads of strangers, likely be one of the youngest women there, and will not only be alone, but will probably have no cell reception.

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Waptus Lake Backpacking

T and I went on our very first backpacking trip together last weekend! We went to Waptus Lake, in Central Washington, about a two-hour drive from Seattle.

Using ultralight principles, we got our bags down to ~18-20lbs each, including food and water for two days.

After all our research around going lightweight, we were finally ready to hit the trail. Nine miles in and nine miles out – all of it beautiful.

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You Don’t Need To Buy [that thing you’ve been eyeing]!

I stumbled upon (or, rather, reddited) this video today, and found it very fitting for the end of this vacation (read: unemployed) summer: You Don’t Have To Buy This

What really makes you happy? My tendency to spring for retail therapy has been waning this summer, but as the holiday season approaches, I know it will come around again. How do I feel content looking polished and put together but not fashionable or trendy?

I had a goal of learning to meditate this summer, but the days flew by, which means I should focus even more on such a goal!

What do you think of the sentiment in this video? Could you reduce your level of consumption the way he describes?

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