Consumption vs. Creation

Since the dawn of the written word, humans have been fascinated by journeys. The Odyssey, the New Testament, Faust… Journeys shape the human psyche, transform our beloved flawed protagonist into a creature of strength.

I am processing my own journey now, which I think can simply be summed up as creating more than I consume. Part of that involves my newly found love for solitude and nature. The corresponding aspect, then, involves a much more difficult task: getting rid of the things that bind me.

Here’s the queue for the chopping block:

1. My job. Yep, my last day is tomorrow.

2. My car. For sale now – in addition to freeing up my budget, going on foot, bicycle, and bus will force me to see my neighborhood and city in a brand new light.

3. Facebook. The behemoth of consumption, where one could sit all day and not produce a single iota of worth, but simply read through the timeline. Day in, day out. No longer.

4. Half my clothes. They’re not doing me any good hiding in the back of the closet. Goodwill is going to get an influx!

5. Half my shoes.

6. Half my books. I’ve read them. They’re amazing. Now someone else should read them, so they’re going to my local library.

7. My art. This one’s a hard one. On the one hand, I want to hang my paintings in my own home, and be able to see them and cherish them. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be fantastic if a stranger had them? This won’t apply to all my art, but only the pieces that have been stowed away in boxes or on shelves for more than a month or two.

As my energy becomes less and less involved in these consuming materials, my hope is that I will be more and more able to create, which will come in handy come September.

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2 Responses to Consumption vs. Creation

  1. Input from a near stranger:
    1. Creating more than you consume – compelling.
    2. Giving up half your shoes – terrifying.
    3. Giving up Facebook – genius.
    Looking forward to adding your blog to my too many subscriptions.

  2. mashashannon says:

    Tonya – I know, right? I’m officially done with numbers 1, 2, and 3, and starting to figure out how to do the rest…

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