Seeds! Seedy seed seeds! Many of them!

No, not sunflower seeds yet (those guys are still drying on my kitchen windowsill, getting all ready to be harvested).

Today I went through Perennial Vegetables by Eric Toensmeier and got a lot of great ideas. Some I already knew I wanted from tasting, cooking, and making tinctures at Alderleaf. So I made a list of plants I want for my plots, the location where I think they’ll thrive, their uses, and when to plant them (OCD works for me…)

I went to Nichols Nursery online and I found some things I wanted, plus a couple of other plants that seemed useful for a couple of problem spots.

Here’s what I ordered:

Alyssum and Clover for an area that is on top of a rock wall, which is currently being overgrown by some mystery weed. I’m hoping that two fairly hardy groundcovers will be able to colonize this area.

Alyssum carpet of snow

White dutch clover

Perennial/Interesting Edibles:

TatSoi, an Asian brassica with edible greens.

TatSoi Red Violet

Spaghetti squash – Yum!

Spaghetti Squash

Scorzonera or Black Salsify – commonly grown for its roots, but I really like the edible leaves, so I’ll mostly use those.


A couple of kales

Russian kale

Wild red kale

A climbing perennial spinach vine (all of those things! Together!)

Malabar spinach – climbing

Lovage, which is so yummy and celery-like


Broad-leaf sorrel, which the website suggested has a similar taste to sheep sorrel, which I could not find

Broad leaf sorrel

Some very pretty Cosmos, which are great bee-attractors

Cosmos – Bright light mix

And some chicory! Because YUM.

Red-ribbed chicory

I have lots left on my list, and I’m hoping to get some ferns (with edible fiddleheads like ostrich or lady, or with medicinal spores like the sword fern) to fill in a VERY shady spot on the north side of my yard, in about a 5 foot wide strip between our raised deck and a 6′ fence.

I’m also contemplating adding a small water feature for the watercress and water locust, although I feel like I should do significantly more research before diving in to that…

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