Sunriver Trip

Here are a few photos from a trip we made to Sunriver, Oregon, last month.

Penelope and her “Sunriver toy”

Penlope is concerned.

We tried to take a picture of these deer and one decided to be crude.

One of my favorite things to do in Sunriver is visit the Nature Center and Observatory. Truth be told, I’ve only gone to the Observatory once (although I have heard it is AWESOME at night). It’s the Nature Center that I really hold dear. The birds there are in rehabilitation, or are permanently injured and can never re-enter the wild.

The tiny screech owl

My least favorite (but still deserving of rehabilitation and a good life), the Barn Owl

The powerful! And always grumpy! Great Horned Owl

My favorite (and perennially sponsored) Golden Eagle

I didn’t see these photos until reviewing them for this post, but this snake was totally on the attack!

Snake attack!

Snake attack part two!

Then he tries to play it off all cool…

If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting the nature center. Admission is cheap and the birds of prey are great. They also have displays of owl pellets and all sorts of wildlife scat, great books about nature, and a mini-arboretum with native gardens, where the local birds just go crazy.

Also, here’s a bonus shot of Penelope eating a carrot. She is so crazy.


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